How to take a Passport Photo at Home [with video]

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If you’re going on holiday this year you may need to renew your passport and submit a recent photo (taken within the last month). It’s now fairly easy to take your passport photo with your phone by using an app and make your UK passport application online, whether you need prints or a digital photo.

For some extra tips make sure you check out our tutorial video below.

Here’s our 2019 guide on how to take a Passport Photo at home:

1. Find a plain background

Try to find a plain light coloured background. If you’re struggling with this and you choose to use our app you can use a bedsheet attached to a wall or a white door that may have some texture. If there is some texture we can amend this as part of our photo checking service.


2. Use natural or white lighting

For the best results try to use natural lighting for your passport photo. If you are using artificial lighting do consider the colour of the lights, if they are too yellow this will show in your photo and may be rejected.


3. Limit shadows

Take the photo two steps away from the wall to limit casting a shadow. Try to distribute the lighting evenly or there may be a shadow across parts of your face.


4. Make sure your face is clearly visible

The main goal here is to make sure your face is very clear in the photo. Any hair covering too much of the face or over the eyes will be rejected.

Make sure your head is free of any fashion accessory or head covering, unless it is for religious purposes, however it must not cover your face.

Make sure you’re looking directly at the camera and whilst you can wear glasses it’s advisable not to as the reflections in the glasses and the frames can be an obstruction that may result in a photo that is not suitable.

Remember you must keep a neutral expression. No smiling is allowed in Passport photos yet.


5. Get your smartphone ready to take your passport photo at home

The camera quality of today’s phones has made it possible to take a Passport Photo with your mobile.

With our app you can either order prints or a digital photo which we check and amend to make the photo suitable first time. You can also get a digital photo code for use in your online passport application.


6. Position your phone at the right perspective

If the person taking your photo is taller or shorter than you they will have to be conscious of this to make sure they are holding the phone at the right height and not tilting the phone to make sure the angle of the photo is correct.

If you are taking a “selfie” style passport photo you will need to take particular care in the perspective which we demonstrate in our tutorial video to be able to achieve this.


7. Choose a digital or printed photo

If you’re using a paper application you will provide a printed passport photo. If you choose to do an online passport application then you may use a digital photo but this can depend on factors such as if it’s your first-ever Passport or if it’s a renewal.

We hope you have found this guide useful, but if you need any more information on Passport photo rules check out the rest of our blog, like this full passport photo guide article or you can also see the Government’s guidance on Passport photos here

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