Our App Ratings & Reviews

We’re so grateful at the Passport & ID Photo App to have been able to help so many people take great Passport Photos we wanted to share a few helpful reviews.

At the time of writing this post the iOS app has a 4.4 star rating from 204 reviews. The reviews displayed in this post are screenshots from the iOS version of the app.

We always read our reviews and have updated our app from comments and customer emails, which has been incredibly valuable to allow us to keep offering a service that is helpful so you can get quality Passport Photos.

In the unlikely instance of your experience not being as expected we do ask you to get in touch before leaving a review as we’re always happy to put things right.

2 thoughts on “Our App Ratings & Reviews”

  1. Absolutely Brilliant!!!
    I was helping a pal with Blue Badge application, (not an easy process. The first photo submitted was not acceptable ) .. found this app. Was a great idea. Was able to chat online with my dilemma- got a very quick response. Extremely satisfactory outcome. Easy to use. Love it

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