Top 10 Tips on How to Pack Light Whilst Travelling

Top 10 Tips on How to Pack Light Whilst Travelling

It’s that time of year where people are jetting off to sunnier climates to invest in some good quality family time.

We’ve laid all of our outfits out on the bed, complete with shoes, accessories, beauty products, sunscreen, hair drier, books, the list is endless. We pack it all into our suitcase, zip it up, all proud of ourselves for the fact that the zip hasn’t broken at its seams. We then go to weigh it and we’re 5kg over our allowance. Surely they can’t expect us to sacrifice any of our items, because of course we need them all, and couldn’t possibly imagine our holiday without them!

Here are my top 10 space-saving tips to ensure you don’t get charged a nasty welcome fee at the airport for going over your allowance…

  1. Do some research into the hotel you’re booked into. A lot of hotels now provide hair dryers and irons, as well as towels, so do you really need to take your own as well?
  2. Take clothes and shoes that are versatile. Those luminous orange heels aren’t going to go with every outfit, so choose neutral colours that can mix and match with a lot of outfits, and could, therefore, be worn a few times. If you like colour, inject it with accessories!
  3. Check your hand luggage allowance and be sure to make use of that. Some airlines allow up to 10Kg hand luggage which is a whopping amount, and a lot of people don’t realise that you can still have your handbag on top of that too!
  4. Purchase toiletries once you arrive at your destination to save on weight. Or, if you prefer to use your specific branded shampoo, do you really need to take a 200ml bottle? Decant any product that you won’t use into a smaller bottle and bring that along instead.
  5. This one might be hard for some because it means being a little lethal, but if you’re planning on doing a lot of shopping whilst away, whether that be stocking up on your wardrobe for back home, or buying souvenirs for friends and family, chances are you’re going to need as much space and spare weight as possible. When you’re due to head back home, look at what you could get rid of. Would you really miss that half a bottle of shampoo? Those cheap flip-flops that you bought for the beach that are now looking a little battered? Bin them. That sunscreen that will probably be out of date by the next time you get to use it… Bin it! Being lethal at the hotel could save you a chunk of money once you reach the airport, so be sure not to leave on a bad note!
  6. If you’re travelling with someone else, or even kids, spread the weight! Chances are there’s going to be at least one person amongst you that won’t pack as much as the other, so make use of their space! Ask nicely of course…
  7. Invest in some packing cubes. These nifty little creations will not only help keep your belongings organised but also save on space in your suitcase, giving you the opportunity to pack more.
  8. Wear heavy items to the airport. If you’re going to colder climates, don’t pack coats and boots in your suitcase, wear them at the airport instead to reduce the weight of your case. You’re not forced to wear your coat, but having it as part of your hand luggage instead of in your case could save you huge amounts of space!
  9. Pack belongings out where possible. If you have to pack empty shoes/boots, make use of the empty shoe and pack them out with socks, or underwear. Don’t leave any wasted space!
  10. Most of us have smartphones now, which means we have access to apps. The types of apps that are available now are never-ending, so plan ahead, and by downloading specific apps will save you a lot of space. For example, instead of bringing a physical book to read, why not download one, or choose an audio book? Instead of bringing a physical map on your city break, download one. Don’t bother bringing that hefty notebook – use an app that allows you to write notes! You’ve already saved a tonne of space there!

Sometimes it might pay to invest in some luggage weighing scales, a few quid now could save you a lot more down the line.

Ensuring you purchase the right suitcase to start with is vital because a lot of them differ in weight due to the material. By purchasing a hard cased one and adding huge chunky suitcase locks and belts to it means you’ve already got a few Kg there before you’ve even started! Really think about what you want from a suitcase and choose wisely to make sure it’s a practical investment.

For a lot of people, packing a suitcase is a mundane task (especially if you’re coming home from a holiday of a lifetime!). But if no real thought has gone into it, it could go disastrously wrong and your purse/wallet might be making an appearance sooner than you’d have wished. Don’t get caught out with the excess fee’s and pack wisely!

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