Top 3 City Escapes in Brazil – 2 Min Read

Brazil Travel Guide

The Cities in Brazil can be great fun and there is always lots going on to take part in but these densely populated cities make going from A to B hassle you don’t need on a holiday.

Venture just outside of these cities and you will reach paradise. These three places guarantee a relaxing time.

1. Ilha Grande – Rio de Janeiro

Ilha Grande really is so amazing I almost don’t want to share it with anyone! It’s technically within the State of Rio de Janeiro but far out enough to be really calm and away from the city crowds.

There are waterfalls, forest treks, clear and calm beaches that feel really safe. There are also lots of beaches to choose from on this small Island.

It’s almost impossible not to relax here when there are excellent restaurants with delicious food served up to you on the beach and there are no cars other than local facility vehicles.

2. Buzios – Rio de Janeiro

Buzios, Rio de Janeiro
Buzios has over 20 beaches and is a popular spot for celebrities that want to get away from the spot light.

I haven’t been to Buzios myself but have been recommended to by many people as a must visit place in Brazil. It just had to make it on the list.

3. Porto de Galinhas – Pernambuco

porto de galinhas
Porto de Galinhas (Port of Chickens) is an up and coming area with low cost accommodation. You will find lots of chicken statues and souvenirs.

Porto de Galinhas also benefits from clear seas with lots of little fish swimming around you and natural pools.
There are plenty of attractions here that will keep you entertained, such as buggy rides to sight-see and take you to a nice seahorse conservation attraction.

The local people were very nice showing us obviously lost tourist which direction to go and also in the local restaurant they were really friendly.

There are a lot of people promoting on the beach which can be a little nuisance but we did have some banter with them too.

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